Trim ends atleast every 6 weeks. 

If your ends are not healthy your hair will not grow properly.  When your ends are damaged all conditioner and treatments go to repairing your ends instead of promoting hair growth. Therefore your hair will not grow properly with damaged ends.


When applying oil to hair...apply to ends first then put the remaining  oil on the scalp.  Oil on the scalp will weigh your hair down.  If your scalp is dry this may be a sign that you may need to drink more water.  Your scalp may also have a build up. In the event of a build up a clarifying treatment may be needed.


 When applying a conditioning treatment apply to entire head including scalp. Steam treatments are best.  If you don't have a hooded dryer wrap a hot damp towel around your head for 15 minutes.

When untangling hair, comb the hair starting from the bottom of the strand and work your way up. 

After taking out braids of any kind make sure to brush hair out and untangle before washing your hair.

Do not brush wet hair. While hair is wet use a wide tooth comb.  Brushing wet hair weakens the strand.

 When using a flat iron be sure to use an oil like argan oil and/or heat protector to prevent fried ends.

When applying product to naturally curly hair it is best to separate curls and apply product to smaller sections at a time. It is great to use Leave In Serum along with the Curl Cream also.

Rinse hair well before adding shampoo. You will not use as much shampoo if you do this.

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