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You are what you eat. This statement is also true in the matters of your hair. Feeding your body with the right nutrients is important for your hair's health also. Everything we put into our bodies show up through our hair. Notice when getting a drug test, Doctors are now using hair because it is the most accurate form of testing. When someone has Cancer and experiences hair loss... It's not the cancer that causes the hair loss. The medicines consumed to treat the cancer causes the hair loss. In this sense we must be aware of what foods and medications we are on when hair loss occurs. Tests can even tell how long ago a drug has been consumed by a hair strand, which further shows that the evidence of what goes into our bodies comes out through our hair.

When considering your hair's health one must consume plenty of water. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients to consume for healthy hair. Biotin is a great vitamin to promote healthy hair. Put the attention into adding more nutrients into your diets and notice your hair flourishing with growth.

We must be careful and aware of overdoing certain things also. I experienced a client whose hair was growing and flourishing when all of a sudden she started experiencing shedding. When asked what was different... The only thing was vitamin D. Her Dr. had put her on vitamin D in a massive dose. When her body had too much of this vitamin she experienced hair loss. She talked to her Dr. and he lowered the dosage. Although not all doctors consider your hair when caring for your health. They should because hair loss could be an indication that there is something else wrong somewhere else.

Along with all of these elements be mindful of the products you are using in your hair. Visit for your guide to healthy hair today!

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